The Whisper Bellows

by The Whisper Bellows

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released March 15, 2012

‘Summer End’ lyrics by Nathan Swartzendruber, music by Angela Guinn
All other songs by Mark Guinn
Recorded, produced, and mixed by Mark Guinn
Mastered by Nick Moon at Tone Proper Mastering
Art and design by Andrew Rodocker

- Mark Guinn: Vocals, Guitars, Banjo, Organ, Percussion, Bodhrán
- Angela Guinn: Vocals, Piano
- Jason Barrows: Vocals, Electric, Banjo, Lap Steel, Timpani, Shakers, Foot stompin’, Whoops & Hollers
- Jay Kirkpatrick: Bass, Dobro, Vocals
- Chris Demarse: Drums
- Rebecca Loomis: Violin
- Natalee Cooney, Jonny Crory, Thomas Davis, Ciara Davis, Laura Guinen, Ross Harte, Kathryn Harte, Fiona Linehan, Daniel Kendall, Steve McCartney, Sheena McCartney, Laurence McDowell, Rosanne McDowell, Dan Stonecipher, Ian McCormick, Mark Rankin, Ryan Ross, Carol Ross: Vocals, Whoops & Hollers for ‘On the Move’

Andrew Rodocker for lending us your considerable talent and making us look cooler than we are ~ Nathan Swartzendruber for your eyes that see what others don’t and for your words ~ Thomas Davis for letting us keep your mic so long and not reporting it stolen ~ First Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Kokomo, Newcastle Methodist Church, Exit 59 Church in Gas City and An Cuan Centre in Rostrevor for use of your wide open spaces ~ Mark Imboden for the use of your fine kitchen floorboards ~ Dan Stonecipher, Michael Berens, Chris Demarse and Danny Carroll for your cheerleading and brotherhood ~ Josh Garrels for your generosity, input, and friendship and for inspiring us towards saying something beautiful ~ Jason Barrows for your music and your life. Honestly, this would not have happened without you. ~ Our parents for planting in us your love of art, music, words, and things that matter, and for the endless use of your equipment ~ Our friends in Northern Ireland for smiling and looking interested as we blathered on about this project ~ To the Lightning Cloud for being so beautiful and for calling our names again and again.


all rights reserved



The Whisper Bellows Seattle, Washington

We make hopeful folk music, folks.

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Track Name: On the Move
I can hear a voice on the wind
It says: "It won't always be this way."
Where you see the desert sand,
There's gonna be a tree some day.
Let your heart be moved with a new tune,
Things don't have to stay the same.
Let your body go with a new move,
You don't have to know the way,

To rejoice, rejoice, rejoice
Love is on the move.

I can see a smile in the sky,
The sky is gonna fall on us.
I can see a day and some say
That it's here in the room with us.
There is an iceberg that cannot be broken;
Everybody jump this ship.
There is a force that has been set in motion,
And there's no equal and opposite.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice
Love is on the move.

And when Love lifts his voice, every other voice is silent.
When Love takes his stand, even sea and sky will flee.
And when Love lifts his paintbrush, everything around us
Is made new - Love is on the move.
Track Name: Dive
Come dive with me beneath the waves
O love, this day is hallowed
It might have been in former days
Sufficient fun to splash around the shallows

It might have been when we were kids
Too dangerous for us to dive
Too dangerous for us to swim the undertide
But it's a new day

It's a new day - do not be afraid

Come plunge with me where light is scarce
O love, for we have light enough
Dive, lest we become a farce
And lose the force that drives us - don't be afraid

To plunge with me beneath the world
Where we know every boring stroke
We'll know nothing down below
We'll make it up as we go

We'll learn that we were made for the deep
We think we're swimming but we're just asleep
You're bored and you know it, love, and talk is cheap
So come dive with me, come dive with me

It's a new day - do not be afraid
Track Name: Summer End
We find slow cadence here
By a shore of landlocked sea
The lines of curving wave
Slowly move from sky to tree

Breezes as the glaciers melt
Hold their run in pace
Small dragons eddy on the air
Where wind and sun-heat lace

And out along the water
And in along the land
We hear the voices calling
And see the waving hand

But we sit silent in return
And shallow our arms near
Tomorrow is for leaving
But we find slow cadence here
Track Name: Old Red Maple
Lover, I was driving down the interstate today
Saw a little old red maple up by highway 28
But the sycamores were taller and bigger at the waist
And a billboard selling something cast a shadow on her face
And I drove on

When winter laid her frozen hand on Middletown last year
All the countryside was burdened by the weight of heaven's tears
That old maple was bent over like some ancient Pharoah's slave
Though the ice is long forgotten, there's just something about the weight she can't forget

Lover, there's a couple things of which I am afraid
Of being washed out in your shadow or bent beneath your weight
But the thing I'm most afraid of is everbody's gaze
That they'd give me their attention for a couple years or days and then drive on and forget
Track Name: Guinevere
O Guinevere, fairest of all flesh,
Everyone here counted us most blessed.
I pulled the sword from the stone for you,
I built a home with you. You were my bride.
I built a kingdom and lost it for you.
You were the apple of my eye.

Was there a day when you woke up beside me
And your heart sank and you couldn't stop thinking:
"Who's this imposter? That man's not my husband.
He was much gentler and he was more handsome,
and he used to sweep me away on his horse..."
You were the apple of my eye.

Wife of my youth, what have we come to?
Some fight for truth; some fight and get run through.
So I'll take the castle and you take the children,
Go on with Lancelot. We'll call it even.
But you were the apple of my eye.
Track Name: The Arrow
Here it comes again, like I'm spitting in the wind
Some things you can change; some you can't
I am not like you - oh, the things I want to do
Are the very things that are slipping through my hands

And I've been wrong, I've been right
I've been where we are tonight
And I thought that you were teaching me something
I've been right, I've been wrong
I've been writing you a new song
But it sounds just like the one I've been running away from

Run your hand across my skin, feel the lump between my ribs
I'm still carrying an arrow from the war
Pull it out or push it in or break it off and keep marching
But sometimes everything just grows around it

And I've been wrong, I've been right
I've been where we are tonight
And I thought that you were taking me somewhere
I've been right, I've been wrong
I've been writing you a new song
But it sounds just like the one I've been running away from

What would I look like without this thing inside me?
What would it be like to walk and stand up rightly?
What would it feel like?
I know that I could climb up on that table,
But I don't think I'm able...

'Cause I've been wrong, I've been right I've been where we are tonight
And I don't know where that knife is gonna' take me
I've been right, I've been wrong
I've been writing you a new song
Track Name: There Are Three
There are three who seek my heart
The owl, the moon, and the lightening cloud
There are voices
They are seldom loud
There are three who call my name out in the dark

They call me from afar
They call me in the ocean tides
The faceless singer in the night
They call me from the deepest parts

And he shook the earth
He left a burn
It burns from the inside out

There are three who seek my heart
The father and his holy ghost
But the one I like to run from most
Still calls my name